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Social Responsibility

Bevan launched a learnership programme in 2017 to empower students from local tertiary institutions. The programme is located at Bevan Group in Somerset West and includes training on digital and litho machines, finishing procedures, administrative systems, estimating, production management and business operations.

On completion of the programme the Bevan students who have excelled, are offered to businesses on an internship programme. The students have an opportunity to complete their hours, gain experience and further develop their skills in the second year. Once the course is completed, the students can enter the job market with practical experience and knowledge gained.

The learnership programme is run in conjunction with the Southern Business School, which offers a certificate in Higher Management specialising in Print. The aim of the Bevan programme is to enrich students with a diverse skill-set and understanding of the printing industry.

The ultimate goal is for Bevan to train more youth who will essentially expand the industry and keep print active and vibrant.


2010 was a busy year for Bevan Group. As we were nearing the World Cup the soccer fever was thriving and we decided to sponsor the kit for our local soccer team. We kitted them out with socks, pants, shirts and even a goalie kit. The boys are doing exceptionally well and look fantastic in their new kit.


A sales representative from Bevan Group developed a campaign revolving around Human Kindness in 2008. The Smile Card was developed to remind people about compassion and kindness towards others and was a huge success.


In 2007, Bevan Group decided to help a fifteen-year-old netball player achieve her dream. Her school could not afford to send her and fellow learners to the Western Province Games, as the school was not financially strong enough. With the Bevan Groups help, this girl was able to participate.