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Personalisation & Mailing

A marketing effort that uses a mail service to deliver a promotional printed piece to your target audience Direct mail encompasses a wide variety of marketing materials, including brochures, catalogues, postcards, newsletters and sales letters. Major corporations know that direct-mail advertising is one of the most effective and profitable ways to reach out to new and existing clients.

What’s the advantage? Unlike other forms of advertising, in which you’re never sure just who’s getting your message, direct mail lets you communicate one-on-one with your target audience. That allows you to control who receives your message, when it’s delivered, what’s in the envelope and how many people you reach.Direct Mail can be used to send out monthly statements, newsletters and other notification letters or can be used as a form as advertising or an appeal for help to raise funds for NGO’S

How to go about mailing

Artwork and DTP (please find out the following) Does the Client have there own artwork in a press ready format or would they require our creative department to do it for them? If the client requires our creative team to do it for them they need to brief us on what they want the look and feel of the mail pack to be, the need to give as many good quality images as they can including their logo and lastly the content of the pack

Elements to be included in the mail pack Could be one or more of the following:
An Envelope
A Letter
A Brochure or Flyer
A PVC Card
BRE Envelope
Or a Gift

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