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This is when you print on already made up envelopes. You are limited as to how much you can print. Envelopes can only be printed on the front and on the flap. Artwork needs to be 10mm away from the sides for the machine to be able to print the envelope. You can overprint on any size of envelope.

BRE Envelopes

Specially formatted postage paid envelope used to return a supply form or order form. Size normally range from 90x152mm to DL size (110x220mm) (Please see envelop sizes below) BRE’s are non-window envelopes and printed in 1 colour (Black or a Pantone colour)

Punch & Make Up

This is when you make up an envelope from scratch. These envelopes involves die cutting. You are able to print to the edge of these envelopes. Envelopes can be printed front and back.

Glue Options

Simply Stick - With these envelopes you can peel off the glue protection strips and seal the envelope.
Gummed - Here you need to wet the glue first before sealing.

Bevan Group