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Die Cutting

Die cutting is a manufacturing process used to generate large numbers of the same shape from a material such as wood, plastic, metal, or fabric. The die cut shapes are sometimes called “blanks,” because they are usually finished and decorated before being sold. The process is widely used on an assortment of materials all over the world, and many manufactured products contain several die cut components, often assembled together in a series of steps to create a finished product.

Sharp specially shaped blades are used in die cutting. The blade is bent into the desired shape and mounted to a strong backing. The result is known as a die. The material being cut is placed on a flat surface with a supportive backing, and the die is pressed onto the material to cut it. Depending on what is being made, a single die might cut one piece of material, or it might be designed to slice through multiple layers, generating a stack of blanks.

Drawing & Making Dielines

A dieline needs to be drawn exact in a design program and supplied to the people that will make the die. Please use the following guidelines when drawing a dieline: Your artboard should be the size of the outer edge of the die make sure you draw your dieline at the exact size that the finished product must be cut to. Use spot colours to indicate cut and fold lines. Supply your dieline as a pdf. ake sure that the lines you use are perfectly straight or curved, otherwise the die will be skew.

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