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With Over 25 Years of Experience in the industry we will give you the tools, knowledge, business leads and support to open your own successful print brokerage company and start selling today


Print Brokerage A Billion Rand A Year Industry

Have a look around you, your desk, walls, keyboard everywhere you look there is something that has been printed, everywhere. From corporates to small clients need their print needs taken care of and this is where a print broker comes in


Strong Support And Ongoing Training

We provide you use of our estimating teams, marketing programs, CRM and Accounting Systems. A National business supporting your business


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It's never too late to start your new career, especially if it means being your own boss. Contact us today because the perfect opportunity is just a click away

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Start Your Own Print Brokerage Company Today


A retail premesis is not necessary as being a print broker is a business to business service. You can start from a small home office and expand to accomodate your needs once you start building a team. Most of the business between you and your customers will be done online or over the phone. Bevan will also provide you a list of meeting offices that you can use should you want to meet with clients.


The business is built around freedom of lifestyle. 8-5 business hours. Mon-Fri. Ability to deal with professional customers (They treat you right, pay us on time and understand our value proposition). Our sysytems, DTP Department and Estimators make your life easy. Task automation frees up your time and recurring client print demands pay you over and over. Live the life you want to live. We will show you how to put the building blocks in place. It also is a real pleasure when your customers love what you do for them!

Use Of Our Tools And System

Your job is to keep customers happy, ours is to ensure you get what you need to keep them happy. We allow you full use of our resources including use of our estimators, quoting systems, DTP and graphic designers, CRM systems and accountants. Your time is freed to focus on your customers while we focus on geting your jobs done.

Lead Generation

Using the latestest PPC (Pay per click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we ensure that you recieve the best qualified leads for your business through your website. We currently recieve between 20 - 25 qualified leads a day and can do the same for your business depending on your masrketing budget. Leads generation will be fully explained during your training.


A monthly Brand Management Fee (BMF) of R1500.00 is payable to Bevan Group Head Office. This is similar to a royalty fee but differs in the fact that it is capped at R1500.00pm. The benefit is that the fee does not increase as your turnover increases. The fee initiates the following month after the applicable initial training session and is billed upfront on the 1st of the month. You have full use of our CI, Brand and Logos.

Your Business Online

We will build you your very own leads generation web page as part of the package. Your business will be online from the day you start you business. Your site will be fully mobile responsive meaning it can be viewed on any device and will incorporate the latest HTML and Bootstrap technology. Hosting will be provided by us with a small month hosting fee.

Print Brokerage

You will be taught the art of print brokerage from mentors that have been in the print brokerage business for over 35 years. Some of your trainers hold corporate print account such as Capitec Bank, Old Mutual and Woolworths. You will gain their knowledge, business experience, sales techniques and skills. You will be taught how to start, run and maintain a sucessfull business from the industry's best.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The income you make is only limited by your own ambition. The opportunities in print brokerage are vast and plenty. You can go from being a one man business to being a fully fledged print brokerage firm with 10 or more brokers working for you. Please request a info pack from for more info.


A Bevan Print Brokerage Agency commands an upfront investment of R35,000.00. This includes the initial 5 day training session in Cape Town but excludes travel and accommodation so please budget over and above the initial fee to accommodate that expense. Please see the info pack/disclosure document for more in-depth financial analysis.


We believe in doing it right. Once. If there is a repetitive task or margin for human error we automate that task making your life easier. We have developed intuitive quoting systems, lead generation and CRM systems. Everything you need to keep your business ticking over has been provided.


We will provide you with a team that you can count on. We give you direct access to all our estimators, designers and sales managers. You need one of us to accompany you to a meeting? We will be there. Need us to provide any information to one of your customers? We will gladly do it. Our team is available all the time to assist you.

No Inventory

There is no stock in this business. We sell print, and web applications to our customers. All products are delivered from the factories directly to your client. Should any client require stock to be kept, it can be housed in our warehouses.

Recurring Business

The demand for print is constant and reacurring. Recurring orders helps pay your expenses and also equates to profit at the end of the month. With the peace of mind of constant orders your time is freed to concentrate on new deals and new clients.


Bevan Brokerage Agents provide 1st level customer service to their immediate customers. Bevan Group (Head Office) provides support to our agents and support to customers. The beauty about providing this level of support that we are always ready to provide you and your client with assitance whenever needed.

How To Get Started

Contact or call Head Office on 021 852 4180. Please also download the information pack HERE

Our Brokers' Clients


"Working with Bevan has been an absolute pleasure. "

They helped me get my business started in no time, with their support and training I was able to master the art of print brokerage very quickly.

Thanks to their already exsisitng print business infustructure I was able to start making money straight away.

Vicky Jacobs

Earn What You're Worth

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